drift ep

by oscine

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released November 24, 2012

Words and music by oscine.
Donovan Bullen: upright & electric bass tracks 2-4, backing vox track 4.
Album artwork by Tamara Sponder.



all rights reserved


oscine Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: gravity
lightless sky
they will try
to stop us at the wall
but we are called

we build all
our castles tall
with concrete for the beams
the dust, the seams

when you find a force pulls you to the ground
lay down, it's just the all around
when you find a force is pulling down

find the lake
steps we take
vanish in the night
the left, the right

hold the earth
virgin birth
sprung up from the land
the same the hand
Track Name: find the ground
we fell into the night
spinning round reaching towards the light
shaking ground waiting down below
it moved away so slow

find the ground again

and so we've reached the end
flashing lights, music, old friends
and it's coming up fast and feels so small
you breathe it when you fall

to find the ground again
Track Name: strings
we flew through trees, we grew our bark
we cast out magic to the dark
we moved the clouds across the sky
the strings across our necks untie

but it all seemed so long
all the bad songs

at your home, when you gave me my first joint
lay awake, talked of life and missed the point
but we grew, and in time I moved away
and I wish I could just see you today

but I been gone too long
for the sad song
yeah I been gone too long
for the sad song

been gone too long
Track Name: grow
I'd smile when you walked by on an awful day
your style put other girls to shame
I'd try to catch your eye from across the way
I'd fall and darling you're to blame

will you go
where I go
and we'll know
love will grow

I'd cry if I thought you'd ever walk away
I know I'd never feel the same
never let go of the way that we feel today
I thought I'd never know your name

now you go
where I go
and we know
love will grow